About me

ChrisI am Chris and this is my blog. I have worked as a service technician for Haas Automation since 2005 repairing CNC Machine Tools. I am a very technology driven person. I love to have the newest gadgets if for no other reason than just to take them apart and see how they work. I taught myself BASIC programming when I was a kid and have learned some of the newer languages over the years. I know Classic ASP very well and have developed several fairly successful websites using it. I created this blog so that I could see what WordPress was all about and also because I wanted to learn PHP. I never really intended to keep it going but never got around to deleting it. A couple of people out there have found some of my posts helpful so I’ll try to post something new every once in a while.

Comments keep me motivated so feel free to leave your opinions about my posts. And if you see any ads that interest you feel free to click them. The ads don’t cover the cost of my hosting but every bit helps.

I usually only post reviews about things that I feel strongly about one way or the other.  I will keep my reviews honest as I depend on other peoples reviews a lot while doing my own research.