TorGuard VPN Promo Codes 50% off for life

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After doing a ton of research about which VPN to get, I decided to go with TorGuard. The biggest factor for me was speed. The last VPN I tried years ago was painfully slow and turned me off to VPN’s in general.

My internet connection is 400mbps download, 20mbps upload and I’m actually getting these speeds while connected to the TorGuard VPN using the WireGuard connection type.

I plan to write up a more thorough review later, but for now here are the promo codes that I have.
These codes are all good for life. You will get the 50% off every bill (not just the first one)

Full disclosure: This is an affiliate link and using it will help me out.  I only generated codes for the biggest discounts available.

50% off for life is the best deal available at the moment and the same deal I got several months ago.  If you would like me to check for new promo codes feel free to post a comment and I’d be happy to login real quick to see if there are any better codes available.

I am currently still using TorGuard and I’m totally happy with the service. I would not recommend them otherwise.

TorGuard Promo Codes 50% Off for Life

  • WHVPN50 – Works for these products: Anonymous VPN, Anonymous Proxy, Anonymous Webmail
  • WHVPNS50 – Works for these products: Anonymous VPN, Anonymous Proxy, Streaming Bundle
  • WHVPNP50 – Works for these products: Anonymous VPN, Streaming Bundle, Anonymous VPN Pro

Visit the TorGuard website to Sign up.

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