Loving my faster internet speed with Time Warner Cable

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 This faster Time Warner Internet service is Awesome!

globeSo TWC has been upgrading their system and that is good news for us because TWC Internet customers are getting a free speed increase. I’m not sure which area’s already have this higher speed service but we have it in Los Angeles.    Here is the chart I received showing what speed you will get on each plan and your new plan name.

Current Plan Old Speed New Speed New Plan
Everyday Low Price 2 / 1 Mbps 3 / 1 Mbps Everyday Low Price
Basic 3 / 1 Mbps 10 / 1 Mbps Basic
Standard 15 / 1 Mbps 50 / 5 Mbps Extreme
Turbo 20 / 2 Mbps 100 / 10 Mbps Ultimate 100
Extreme 30 / 5 Mbps 200 / 20 Mbps Ultimate 200
Ultimate 100 / 5 Mbps 300 / 20 Mbps Ultimate 300

These are some major upgrades for free! Here is a copy of my speed test results.

I did have a bit of an issue getting these speeds at first.  I was getting 108 Mbps/ 10 Mbps so I called TWC to request one of the new 16×4 modems.  I talked to 2 people and spent over an hour on the phone with the second person while he was trying to convince me that these were the correct speeds for my plan.  Once he realized he wasn’t going to get rid of me he finally agreed to send me the modem.  As you can see the new modem made a big difference.

Arris DG1670A

Arris DG1670A

Here is some info about my modems.
My old modem was a Motorola SB6141 (I was getting 108 Mbps / 10 Mbps)
My New Modem is an Arris DG1670A (Now I get 323 Mbps / 22 Mbps)

I don’t know why they sent me this model though.  I requested the Motorola 6183.  The new one works great but it has router and wifi features that are wasted on me.  Luckily I was able to disable everything including the NAT from the web interface and set it up as a bridge.  Now I can continue to use my EdgeRouter Lite and UniFi AP as I was before.

If you have the Ultimate 200 or 300 plan like myself then Make sure your modem Supports 16×4 Channel Bonding. Based on my results the 8×4 modems will probably be fine for all of the other plans.  The 8×4 modems say they support speeds up to 300 Mbps and this is probably what the TWC customer service people are going by. Don’t let them convince you your modem is good enough when it’s not. TWC has been making a big deal about this upgrade and it is a big deal, but now they need to make sure everyone can actually achieve these speeds by upgrading their customers modems.

Also when checking your speed results you may have to try different servers on the higher speed plans.  This isn’t something I ever had to worry about before but with 300 Mbps my speed is faster than many of the speed test servers can handle. Sometimes I get a false result showing the servers max speed instead of my own..



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  1. Ryan says:

    What do you even use the 300mbps for? When have you seen your computer make use of that speed? It really depends on the sites/peers you’re connecting to, can they upload at 300mbps? Never.

    I don’t understand this mpbs model. Nobody can utilize that bandwidth so how is it any ‘faster’?

    Sounds like a scam to me…

    • Chris says:

      In my house we have a desktop pC, 2 laptops, 3 tablets, 2 android phones, playstation, Ooma, and two TV’s that all use the internet. There can be 3 people streaming Netflix at the same time plus someone on the computer. If it was just me then I would agree with you.

  2. Mehran T says:

    Hi Chris,

    Do you get this speed (330 Mbps) using wifi connection? I can only get up 50 to 60 Mbps when using wifi (I get up to 300 Mbps when connected). I’m using the modem’s router.

    Thank you,

  3. Joseph says:

    Regarding the TWC high speed push, i.e. 100/10 & higher combined w/the Arris 3-1 modem – dual band modem there are a lot of problems.

    Previous to receipt of the Arris we had a Ubee modem/router from TWC & it worked well as a modem only. During the time we held it our internet speeds were 20/5, then 30/5, then madness. However, when running diagnostics on the modem it was rated to handle 400 Megabits per sec.

    Since 2013, we used a Netgear R6200 & the speeds combined w/the relatively few devices & spread equally across both bands,everything was solid. I received stellar performance from a Roku 3 two floors away on the 5 GHz band always.

    Arris is installed & activated, despite our objections they set up the wireless dual band, 4 calls to TWC so they could bridge, bridge properly, bridge completely, etc. We took it back.

    Performance was still off from previous to the speed increases, etc Tech comes out, plugs into the modem gets 100/10.

    I understand TWC only guaranteeing speed from their server to their modem using their test. However, these speeds are advertised, even stated to be used w/wireless/wifi devices/networks. They really ought to allow an independent 3rd party to monitor speed but that’s funny.

    We purchased a Netgear R6300v2 to verify the problems/issues experienced weren’t in our router. No change despite presumed improved range & so forth.

    This is what we have Ubee business class modem only connected to currently R6200. At modem, 100/10, however, signal strength has dropped significantly. In other words, our wireless devices are running slower than when we had 20-30/5. Our S/N is above 30, even when close Noise never approaches 10 dB, in other words we’re not receiving any interference from electronics, etc. My working hypothesis is, we live close to neighbors, if everyone just got bumped up in speed, we’re suddenly in a congested area. Or, the signal isn’t worked out, a lot of variables in the signal besides Mbps alone.

    Finally, one parting shot, as the tech was leaving, I asked if he thought we’d do better w/the Arris 3-1, “He replied, “God, no! Our R6200 router & Ubee modem were far better quality than the Arris 3-1. He remarked merely b/c it attempts to be two things @ once led him to believe it does neither well.

    I’m still not satisfied & would have much preferred our 20-30/5 to whatever we currently have relative to internet signal. Goggle fiber is burying cable beginning yesterday eventually making it available to us.


  4. EP says:

    Hi Chris.

    There had been some problems with the Arris DG1670A modems for some TWC users as noted in these forum pages:

    My aunt recently switched from AT&T U-verse to TWC but can’t get an internet connection working with the Arris DG1670A modem. I think the technician didn’t set up the DG1670a correctly.

    • Chris says:

      There’s always going to be people who have issues with this kind of stuff. I didn’t experience any problems setting up mine. I haven’t even needed to cycle the power on my modem yet. It’s been working great.

      Turning off pretty much every feature of the modem and using it as a bridge may be why I haven’t had any issues though.

  5. George says:

    Chris –

    I just received the ARRIS DG1670A from TWC and it seems to really have slowed down my internet speed. I have the TURBO package 100/10 MBPS, however speedtest is showing download speeds of 11-15 MBPS. I have a router, CISCO Linksys E2500, and was thinking I would place the modem in bridge mode and see if that increases my speed in combination with the CISCO router. From what I have been reading online (troubleshooting blogs), that possibly could help increase my speed…

    What do you think? Any advice?

  6. Chris Austin says:

    What will the speeds increase to in Charlotte? Our max internet speed currently is 50/5

  7. natalie says:

    Hi Chris, thanks for that test
    I got the same modem and I asked Time Warner to have it in bridge mode
    they said they did, but how can I be sure
    It seems that I can’t access to port 8080 (my router) when I’m outside
    What do you think ?

    • Chris says:

      Hi Natalie. Most people won’t want to use the router in bridge mode. It won’t help with speed. I use it because I already have a router I like, and WiFi is built into my house. Most people will probably want to use the modem as a router and wireless access point which is the way it’s setup out of the box.

      As far as not being able to access it with your web browser I believe that you need to be plugged in directly to the router to do it. Once I set my router in bridge mode I was no longer able to access the settings so maybe yours is setup as a bridge. In that case you might have to use the reset button on the modem to set it back to the default settings.

      Also with it setup as a bridge you will only have 1 IP address, the one assigned by your ISP. So you will only be able to connect with one computer to the internet unless you have another router.

      If you have it setup as a router then your IP address for you computer will probably begin with 192.168. If it is setup as a bridge it will probably begin with something else.

      This is all just off the top of my head, but I hope it helps.

  8. Bach says:

    What should I tell them when I request a new modem? Do they have the right to refuse to give me that modem?

    • Chris says:

      If you received a notice letting you know that the new speeds are in effect in your area and you’re not getting the advertised speed then you probably need a new modem. They will make you jump through a bunch of hoops over the phone to test your current modem and either send a new modem or schedule a service call to have a technician check your connection.

      I basically told them that I’m not going to pay the Ultimate plan price for Turbo plan speeds. Make sure you know what speed you should get using the chart above and insist on getting that speed. Plan on being on the phone with them for an hour or so.

  9. Josh says:

    Thanks for this writeup!

    Rather than renting a modem from TWC, I just buy mine outright. Saves money in the long run and I have control over my own equipment. I just ordered the Motorola SurfBoard SB6183 as it is 16×4, and the only one listed on this TWC grid as compatible with the Ultimate 300 plan:



    I’ve had an SB6141 (which is 8×4) for a few years now that I will now sell off.

    • Chris says:

      Good idea. That’s what I wanted to do as well but when I looked they weren’t available anywhere. The one you linked to is 3 to 6 weeks out but that’s still better than I could find when I looked. Thanks.

    • Nelson says:

      Do you recommend the motorola sb6141 modem/router for twc with 100mbps speed?

  10. Jim says:

    Hi – How did you configure the Arris DG1670A as a bridge?
    Thanks for any info.

    • Chris says:

      Through the web interface. I already tossed the instructions that came with it but I’m sure you can find them online. On most routers you just connect your computer to it and go to in your web browser.

      EDIT: Here is a link to the Quick Install Guide
      You do in fact connect your PC to the router and browse to
      The default User Name is admin and the default password is password

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