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I have a new site which is running PHPBB 3.08.  No one really knows about this site yet but it’s live.  I have been getting about 10 new users a day and about 20 spam posts a day.  I don’t even have any real users they’re all spam bots, it’s ridiculous.

Anyway I recently installed a very simple anti-spam mod and I’m so happy with it that I just wanted to spread the word.  The way it works is it adds a hidden form field to go with the captcha image.  This hidden field has a random hash as a name and a random hash as a value.  Even if you get the captcha correct the spam bot will have to know the correct form field name along with the correct value to submit along with the captcha.  Since these two things are re-generated on every page load and spam bots don’t usually even load the page there is no way for the spam bots to adapt.

Since I have installed this mod I have had no spam and no new registrations.  I had to register a few times just to make sure the site still worked.  Like I said, it’s a new site that no one knows about yet.  Another cool thing about it is that it also works with the captcha on forums where guests are aloud to post and it works so good that you can set your forums to use the super easy to read captchas which is great from the users point of view.

You only have to make a couple of edits in 2 files to install the mod, it’s very simple but efficient.

Check it out here.


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  1. adipa says:

    Great, i need anti spam, thanks ur sharing

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