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For me researching web hosting companies is about the most tedious stressful thing you can do.  There are so many resellers out there pretending to be real hosts that it’s hard to tell who is who.  Now days any 13 year old can make a professional looking website, not to mention all of the pre-made hosting website templates that are out there.

So what do you do if you can’t trust the hosting companies website? You search for, and read reviews.  In my searching I have found that almost all hosting review sites are using affiliate links to the hosting companies.  and I bet that the number one host on the list is actually just the host which pays the biggest kick back to the review site.  The other problem with this is these hosting companies go out and write up their own glowing reviews on all of the sites that allow user reviews.

So now you can’t trust the good reviews so what do you do?  Look for the bad reviews of course.  One of the hosting companies that I was really looking into was  They had great reviews and I couldn’t find any bad ones.  Try typing “MyHosting Sucks” into google.  You will find that MyHosting is actually creating pages to target these key words.  This way instead of finding bad reviews you will only find the pages they want you to find. I have no experience with them personally so they might be good but it seemed a little shady to me.

This is crazy.  How in the heck can you trust anyone.  I guess you just have to know someone who is using a host that you are considering and get their opinion.

Here are the last 3 hosts that I have used and my opinions of them.

Jodo Host – Service was good, Support was good but they had a very bad billing system that would disable my account every time my credit card expired and they would not contact me.  My site could be down for weeks before I noticed. The other thing I didn’t like is I had about 4 user names and passwords I had to keep track of, one for support, billing, reseller login and my control panel login and it was hard to find the correct login page for the task I wanted to do and then remembering the right user name/password was a pain.  Guess if I was more organized it wouldn’t be a problem but I’m not, so it was.

GoDaddy – I had the ultimate windows shared hosting plan.  This was one of the worst hosts that I’ve used.  The control panel was horrible.  No changes you made in the control panel happened in real time, everything got queued.  If you add an email address, deleted a folder or did anything it took about 10 to 30 minutes for it to happen. Support was useless.  I would send them detailed explanations of the problem I was having and they would send me back the stupidest canned response.  I’d reply and get another dumb response.  Forget about getting good support. All of my sites would also intermittently slow down to a crawl.  I mean 1 minute page loads for wordpress or PHPBB if the page would load at all. On a side note, I still use them for domain name registrations.  I have no complaints there, but I was considering maybe someone can tell me if they’re any good.

SoftSys Hosting – This is the host I’m using now.  It’s probably not fair to compare this hosting account to the others.  I was so fed up with shared hosting that I got a Windows Hyper-V VPS account with these guys.  I have 2 Virtual CPU Cores, 2 gb of ram, 40gb of hard drive space and 400 gb of bandwidth and 2 IP’s for $49 a month.  This is self-managed so I do my own support but with full access to everything on the server that’s not a problem. I setup my own mail server for free using hMailServer and SpamAssassin, my own DNS server through IIS and control all my domains through IIS as well.  I’ll never go back to shared hosting.  It’s only been a few months but so far my service has been smoking fast and I have learned a lot.  There was only a couple hours of planed down time when they moved my server to another rack. There are also options for control panels if you don’t feel comfortable with using remote desktop.

At first I was worried about all the software I would need and if I was going to be able to install and configure it myself.  I paid an extra $5 each to have them install MySQL and SQL Server Express.  Looking back I’m sure I could have done this myself.  PHP was already installed, hMailServer was free and pretty easy to install. SpamAssassin was also free and easy to install.  I’ve also installed some other software like phpMyAdmin, all of it was either easy or any questions I had were a quick google search away from answers.  If you are thinking about ditching your shared hosting and getting a VPS I would highly recommend it.  If your looking for a Windows VPS then I highly recommend SoftSys Hosting, of course if anything changes I’ll update this blog but so far they’re great.

But how can you trust me?  Well.. you can’t.  There is probably some way you can verify that this site is hosted by SoftSys Hosting but that’s about it.

Clicking this link will give me a discount on my hosting bill if you sign up with them.

If you don’t want to want to help me out then use this link.

** UPDATE 10/28/12 **
Since most of my websites are done in PHP, and I have found that PHP on a Windows server doesn’t always work right. I decided to get a Linux VPS.   I search around and ended up deciding to give a try.  Today is the first day that my blog is hosted with so I don’t really have much to say about them yet.  I still have a Windows VPS with SoftSys but I only intend to use it for my ASP driven websites.

Comments or other host suggestions are welcome but no affiliate links please.

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  1. Norman says:

    it’s the best hosting I’ve found! Thank you a lot!

  2. Sheo Narayan says:

    Forget about the days when SoftSysHosting was awesome. I am their customer of VPS since 2009 (almost 5 years now). Recently I bought SSD VPS and the experience was painful. For everything I do in the WebSitePanel I had to raise a ticket to keep it working it should be working.

    They says they monitor the server 24*7 under Managed hosting, how come my server is restarting since last many hours and no body cares. The backup was failed for last 4 days and no body is aware about it unless I told them.

    Not happy. Earlier I was recommending everyone but NOT now.

  3. Steve Calnek says:

    I was a happy customer with SoftSys until I renewed my web site last month and they charged my credit card twice. That seemed like an honest mistake, but they denied it happened. When my bank researched it, confirmed the duplicate transactions and reversed the unauthorized second charge, SoftSys blocked my web site and were extremely uncooperative in trying to resolve the problem.

    Very disappointed.

  4. Kaylus says:


    I’m having a hard time finding unbiased reviews. I just purchased a month of Softsys to test it and while waiting (6 hours) for the initial install, which they had stated would only take two hours after payment confirmation, I am starting to worry.

    I just started to browse the site and found their “announcements” section and now I am really worried:

    According to this they have constant long downtimes on all of their servers due to crashes, primetime downtimes of 1 to 2 hours on major servers without any kind of resolved backup. I don’t quite understand this and I hope I’m just reading into it.. what has your experience in the last 6 months been?

    • Chris says:

      I’ve been using SoftSys since I first posted this blog and in that time there have been a few short periods of down time. For the most part it has been pretty good. There was one time when my server was down for several days. That was kind of crazy. there was a page that they updated every hour or two while I was down saying exactly what was going on and what they were doing to fix it. At least I knew that they weren’t taking it lightly and were busting there butts to fix things.

      all in all for what I pay, I’ve been happy with them.

  5. Brad says:

    I just want to add on that SoftSysHosting has been a quality host for the two years I have used them. I was using WebHost4Life before SoftSysHosting, and changed after I had WH4L flake out on me a couple times and seemed to get slower and slower the longer I was with them. I just host a small ecommerce site for my wife, and host my email domain with SoftSysHosting. I have the Silver shared hosting plan, and it has been very fast and easy to work with.

    I’m not affiliated with them at all, but just stumbled on this post and thought I’d add my two cents.

  6. James says:

    What is your experience w/Softsys with regarding to WordPress. We have an existing Web site on Windows server that we want to add a WP component to. Our current environment doesn’t support WP. I’m familiar with WordPress – on non-Windows servers – and want to be sure we don’t have any issues if we migrate. tx.

    • Chris says:

      I wasn’t very familiar with wordpress or IIS when I started so I had a couple of problems with the file permissions (which I explain on another post.) and there’s a windows PHP extension called wincache that I ended up disabling so that I could update wordpress plugins without errors. I don’t think any of this stuff has to do with SoftSys specifically and has more to do with IIS. WordPress has been working great overall. The only minor issue I have left is that when doing a plugin update it will tell me that it’s downloading the plugin and won’t tell me when it’s done updating. I just give it about 30 seconds and it updates OK.

  7. Chris says:

    No problem, thanks for the good hosting.

  8. Thanks for your kind words and we hugely appreciate your business!

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