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So I have been using the same web host for my websites for several years now.  They like to shut all my sites down every time my credit card expires without any notice which is very annoying.  About a year ago they changed something on the server which cause my main website ( to stop working.  I spent months on that site programming the whole thing in ASP from scratch.  It wasn’t the best website in the world but it was the only one that I had ever made that was getting over 1 million hits a month without any type of advertising, and the only one that I’ve done that paid for itself.  wastedhalo had customizable flash MP3 players that could be used on MySpace.  This was before MySpace and all of the other social networking sites had their own options to easily add music to your page.  I also had this cool little tool called StyleThief.  Remember when there was a ton of websites out there with CSS and HTML that you would copy and paste onto your MySpace page and it would change the colors, images and even completely override the format of your MySpace page?  Well with StyleThief you could copy and past the link to another MySpace page, it would scan the page and ignore all of that persons personal stuff and just give you the code that you could paste onto your own page to make it look like theirs.  Anyways those tools are outdated and not that useful anymore with all of the improvements there have been to the social networking sites so instead of trying to fix I canceled my hosting and started a new hosting plan with I’m not sure how much better GoDaddy will be but I have been using them for domain name registration for years and I don’t think they would ever cancel my hosting due to a credit card expiring without sending me about 10,000 emails.

So anyway, I’m not going to be programming anymore websites from scratch anymore.  I don’t want to spend that much time on the computer and if I did my girlfriend would kill me.  So for now now on I’m all about the open source web applications.  They’re free and very easy to use.  This blog is using WordPress which I have never used before.  It seems simple enough and has lots of features.  I don’t know why I’m rambling on about stuff that no one cares about.  I guess I just wanted to play around with WordPress.

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