Energizer Induction Charge System for Nintendo Wii

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So I finally got a Nintendo Wii and while shopping for an extra set of controllers I came across the Energizer induction charge system and knew I would have to have it.  It’s a very cool idea, basically you just install the special battery pack into your controller.  When your all done playing games you just lay your controller onto the charging panel and it charges without wires, plugs or any kind of connection whatsoever.

The problem is one of my controllers wouldn’t charge.  The charging tray would just show a red blinking light indicating that there is a problem. 

I started checking out the battery pack to figure out what was wrong with it and guess what I found?   This thing which has Energizers name on it is made with cheap Chinese batteries that don’t even work. Is there any quality control at this place? 

To fix this I went and picked up 4 AAA NiMH batteries (2 for each controller) and replaced those cheap pieces of $#%&.  Now my controllers charge perfectly. 

If you are having the same problem make sure you get AAA batteries and not AA.  Also make sure you get NiMH rechargeable batteries otherwise they might explode inside your controller.  You’ll have to remove the battery pack, unscrew the two screws that keep the batteries in place, swap them out and screw the cover back on.  It’s really easy.  It took most of the day for my new batteries to fully charge for the first time.

This really is a nice charger to have, it’s just too bad Energizer tried to save a few bucks and not even use their own batteries.


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